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Concrete polishing is our primary service that takes new or existing concrete and resurfaces it and then a process is carried out to polish, harden and guard the floor or surface. Our Concrete Polishing service is carried out using state of the art diamond surfacing equipment and can result in an almost mirror finish sheen surface.

Concrete Grinding

Often times concrete is in bad condition, needing adhesive or glue removed or has a very uneven surface that needs leveling by way of grinding.Stellar Surfaces has fast and efficient grinding systems that take a difficult task out of your hands to complete the floor to your desired finish or level. We are often used also by flooring companies that require ‘floor prep’ to be carried out before flooring installs are done.

Interior Staining

If a standard industrial plain concrete polish is not what you are wanting to achieve but you are still looking for a polished concrete floor, we have custom staining options which include single color stains, multiple color faux / mottled finishes, decorative bordered colored designs , and custom logo or insignia color stained designs.  The possibilities are literally endless, and each job is custom.

Concrete Sealing

When Concrete is either new or old and tired it is a smart move to have it sealed. It will not only keep the area well presented but it will also preserve the surface and make it much easier to clean and maintain.Depending on the area your concrete is in around your property wether residential or commercial we have various seal options to suit your needs.

Exterior Staining

Concrete color staining is the best way to refresh or decorate an area of concrete to give it a new look and character with natural appearances. Our concrete color staining, sealing and color restoration service provides customers with long lasting color stained concrete for a whole new look or appearance.Wether your concrete is brand new or has seen years of serving traffic, our color staining or color restoration stain will achieve a complete new solid or faux finish color over the surface. Concrete does wear and fade with time and use so our concrete color stain restoration is a great service to keep a high presentation level on your concrete.

Moisture Proofing

If you see damp areas in your concrete floor or block wall, that moisture will break down the integrity of your concrete, even cause damage to floor linings and even rot to structural framing. Another thing to look for is white powdering on the surface of your concrete, this is a bi-product of one of two mineral reactions called efflorvesence or calcification.
Stellar Surfaces offers a treatment to control the movement of moisture in your concrete while still promoting a healthy oxygen supply to the concrete, as all concrete needs to breathe to remain in good condition.Our system inserts a non-destructive gel system that congeals inside the concrete slab and pushes out impure minerals in the concrete which cause damage, and also at the same time minimize or even completely stop water movement.


“I would highly recommend Stelr Surfaces. Best prices in town and amazing finished product. They were very helpful and understanding: I wasn’t sure about which aggregate size to choose, they then invited me to their showroom to view various finishes and samples so I could see it first hand. Great Job, Pleasant experience.

– Jim


This company truly lives up to their name! I was in a time crunch for a huge party and they pulled it off.  My polished concrete floors look amazing! Thank you team Stellar!!!!


Price was definitely reasonable for the finish product! They transformed my backyard with a beautiful stain and anti -slip seal around our pool!


Loved this company.  From beginning to end staff was helpful and friendly.  Not to mention that my driveway looks the best on the block.


I was very impressed with their work.  I had my interior floors polished with a colour stain.  It is absolutely stunning.

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Welcome to Stellar Surfaces, one of New Zealand’s premier Concrete Finishing providers.We pride ourselves in offering an elite service with a friendly smile. Our company brand has built a trusted & established reputation in the industry. With concrete Grinding, Sealing and Polishing as our primary services, you will be sure to choose a finish option that will suit your project and budget within our range of offered services.Concrete Polishing takes new or existing concrete and resurfaces it, then a process is carried out to polish, harden and protect the floor or surface.Our Concrete Polishing service is carried out using state of the art diamond surfacing machines & equipment, the highest grade can result in an almost ‘mirror finish’ sheen luxury surface.Call us or fill out the enquiry form on our website to talk with us over the various custom options for your Concrete Polished floor.

The main points you will need to discuss with us and decide on for your project are,

  1. Aggregate Exposure – this is the level or size of the stone seen on a finished floor. (This is not as common in the more contemporary looks)
  2. Level of Polish – this is the amount sheen or gloss you want (Matt finish to High Gloss)
  3. Color Staining – In some cases people want more than the Natural Concrete Color. If you want to add a Decorative Color Stain to achieve the finish you are looking for then talk this through with us, we have great options.

Book an appointment today with one of our sales team to come and visit your project and discuss your options and give you an estimate.With over 16 years experience in the Industry we are confident we can take care of you on your upcoming project of any size, residential or commercial.

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