Concrete Staining

Concrete color staining is the best way to refresh or decorate an area of concrete to give it a new look and character with natural appearances. Our concrete color staining, sealing and color restoration service provides customers with long lasting color stained concrete for a whole new look or appearance. Wether your concrete is brand new or has seen years of serving traffic, our color staining or color restoration stain will achieve a complete new solid or faux finish color over the surface.

Concrete does wear and fade with time and use so our concrete color stain restoration is a great service to keep a high presentation level on your concrete. There are several finishes available including ‘solid color stains’ -which like the name suggests an opaque thick solid color , a ‘translucent stain’ – which is like a clear water color, ‘faux finishes’ which achieves an ‘antiqued’ or ‘marbled finish’ using multiple colors and also ‘two-tone finishes’ – using two separate colors in the same areas by having colored areas and borders. Once stained the concrete will act like regular concrete, it will wear just like standard concrete. The stain will slowly fade over the years and somewhere between year 5-9 you will need to book a “maintenance re-color stain” – this is very economical and a fraction of the cost of initial staining

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