Moisture Proofing Concrete Floors Auckland

moisture proofing concrete floors aucklandIf you see damp areas in your concrete floor or block wall, that moisture will break down the integrity of your concrete, even cause damage to floor linings and even rot to structural framing. Another thing to look for is white powdering on the surface of your concrete, this is a bi-product of one of two mineral reactions called efflorescence or calcification. To prevent this you should try Moisture Proofing Concrete Floors Auckland

Concrete floors are notoriously damp, as moisture will pass through concrete. Think of concrete not as a solid, but instead as being a sponge – albeit a very heavy sponge.

When a concrete slab floor is not sealed, the moisture in it becomes added humidity to the inside of your building. Over time, this will encourage the growth of mold, mildew, rot, and dust mites in your pole building, leading to damage to your building materials along with adding unhealthy allergens to your interior air space.

By sealing the concrete with a penetrating concrete sealer, moisture-related issues with concrete floors can be quickly and easily avoided.

Concrete is a porous material which will accept water, moisture, and water vapor readily from the foundation soils beneath pole barns. This moisture can be passing through in the form of water vapor even when the slab floor doesn’t appear to be damp.

Stellar Surfaces offers a treatment to control the movement of moisture in your concrete while still promoting a healthy oxygen supply to the concrete, as all concrete needs to breathe to remain in good condition.Our system inserts a non-destructive gel system that congeals inside the concrete slab and pushes out impure minerals in the concrete which cause damage, and also at the same time minimize or even completely stop water movement.

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